Branding, what? Why would you need branding as a psychologist? Branding may sound strange applied in the context of a clinical practice, but it is a key strategy for differentiating yourself and staying memorable.

Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is one of the most important parts to your successful practice. If you have a website for your practice but are unhappy with it, I can help.


Office Policies and Paperwork

Office Polices and Paperwork can be some of the most boring parts of any practice, but they are essential for you and your patients. Learn about EMR, charting, accounting, consent, and other¬†documents you might need.  

Marketing and analytics


Marketing is an essential piece to developing your practice.

Money Matters - Dollar

Money Matters

Getting paid, minimizing overhead, establishing your fee, deciding on a sliding scale, choosing private pay, or getting on (or off of) insurance panels are some of the complicated issues you may be trying to navigate. Getting clear about these issues will

Psychological Assistants

Do you want to become a psychological assistant? Are you a new psych-assistant? Unsure how to set up the agreement with your supervisor? Need help finding referrals? Not sure about BOP regulations?


Working with Dr. Sedgeley, helped calm my worries about my practice. Together we worked to prioritize and strategize.

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I can help with branding, outreach, websites, SEO, and other business issues.

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